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C420 is a non-profit NGO advocating for Cannabis education, decriminalisation and legalisation throughout the Caribbean and the world.
C420 does not and has no intention of advocating the use of illicit/unlawful/illegal drugs and certainly does not condone the same.
The aim of C420 is Cannabis law reform via education and legalisation. In addition C420 advocates for the expunging of the criminal records of non violent Cannabis users, or those convicted of merely being in the presence of someone possessing Cannabis. C420 also promotes the use of legal natural herbs and plants.
The social impact of antiquated drug laws in Trinidad and Tobago is staggering. Every year, thousands of Trinbagonians are tarnished with criminal records or incarcerated for the possession or sale of small amounts of Cannabis or even for just being in the vicinity of someone possessing Cannabis. These are typically non-violent crimes. The knock-on effect of this is generations of unemployable youth, unable to get a university education in Trinidad and Tobago or a visa to travel. This could easily be construed as punishment which exceeds the crime.
The youth are the future of Trinidad and Tobago and are subsequently responsible for shaping its future. If we continue to incarcerate our youth at this rate, crime and unemployment will be increasingly felt over the coming years. Instead of criminalising the youth, the wider public needs to be educated about Cannabis and its various medicinal uses and economic benefits.
It is clear that many misconceptions and prejudices about the Cannabis plant still exist in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Caribbean. It is seen by many as a drug comparable to Heroin or Cocaine and blamed for many crimes. Cannabis is not a drug but a medicinal plant herb that is less addictive and less harmful than caffeine.
Although Cannabis is un-utilised in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Caribbean, there is a huge market for it overseas and this could greatly benefit the economies of the Caribbean region. C420 believes that Cannabis production in the Caribbean could revitalise the agriculture sector.
Cannabis is a renewable, sustainable and eco friendly product. Unlike oil and gas it has numerous medicinal and financial benefits that are key to the future of Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean.
Through education,legislation and hands on tutillage, C420 seeks to re-invigorate the agricultural sector by nurturing the next generation of farmers to grow the crop of the future, thereby encouraging them to grow other crops for the future.
Any nation’s well being depends solely on its food supply despite whatever misguided notions the said nation may have regarding education, religious and cultural views or indeed, its political and social policies and laws.
When we are able to convince the youth that they ought to sustainably grow food (and we are certainly not advocating limiting this to Cannabis crop growing), then we will have a nation that understands the need for each and every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago to take responsibility for the future.
Medical Cannabis is becoming increasingly more available worldwide. There are numerous studies showing the benefits of Cannabis in the treatment of HIV/AIDS, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes, glaucoma and a host of other illnesses previously seen as incurable.
There are also huge developments in the industrial world of hemp production. Hempcrete, produced from Cannabis is used in the construction of Eco friendly homes. Hempcrete, as well as being six times stronger than concrete, is also considerably cheaper. Cannabis is also being viewed as the future bio fuel that will replace the rapidly depleting oil and gas reserves.
With perfect climates all year round, the Caribbean is the perfect region for Cannabis cultivation and subsequently should be at the forefront of the Cannabis revolution sweeping the world. 

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